Leadership Communication that Breaks Barriers

Here’s the awful truth. Corporate directors, other executives, business partners and employees don’t want to attend your in-person or virtual meetings, or read what you write. They feel time-starved and overworked—and are looking for reasons to literally or figuratively hit “delete.”

How can you rise above the noise, connect with them, and lead a culture where people want to work with you and each other? 

“Lynne has been a wonderful addition to my CEO toolbox. I recently had the pleasure of engaging Lynne to help me prepare for the announcement and industry overage of our new firm. Lynne gave me the techniques and the tools that allowed me to be fully prepared from the first day of the business launch.

“My experience with Lynne was terrific. She is a very good listener and was quick to learn about our business. She helped me sharpen my communication skills by forcing me to focus on specific messaging to specific audiences. I highly recommend Lynne to anyone that has a need to improve their personal or corporate ability to engage others in their story.”


CEO, Financial Services Industry

Leverage Your Strengths and Use New Tools

Your 1:1 leadership communication mentoring experience is designed around you. That means you’re not shoe-horned into some “off the shelf” program. You and I work together to create an approach that fits you.

Chances are good it will contain some of these elements:

Set You Up for Success

  • I do 360-degree feedback interviews with people around you—because you can’t know everything
  • You complete a personality inventory—so I know what you value and how you like to learn, and build our sessions around this
  • We agree on the specific goals you will achieve—made more effective by what your colleagues have shared

Reach Your Goals

  • We have regular in-person, virtual or phone sessions for an agreed-upon amount of time—enough to reach your goals
  • You have homework between our gatherings—I hold you accountable and we learn from these
  • You have unlimited email access to me and “10-minute feedback calls”—to sort through an issue or get fast feedback for a moment of clarity before proceeding

Who Needs This?

  • CEOs, CFOs and corporate officers—who are solid communicators facing a challenge: everything from needing to build consensus with their board, to successfully communicating acquisitions and divestitures, to better connecting with—and motivating—their people
  • New executives and those in line for promotion—who want a solid foundation in business communication so they can continue to succeed
  • Division/Department heads—who want to use communication to lead a successful team

What’s Next?

Leadership communication coaching is a personal thing. Let’s figure out if I’m what you need.

See Lynne in Action

  • How to Be a Mind Reader” TEDx Talk gives you a sample of the types of tools you’ll discover and practice
  • In Communicado weekly blog combines practical neuroscience, business communication and humor to enhance your leadership skills with clients
  • “Persuasion Bytes” short videos combines practical neuroscience, business communication and humor to enhance your leadership skills with clients

Let's Talk

Email, call 847-729-5716, or book some time on my calendar.

Here’s my promise: to truly understand what you need, appreciate the chance to chat, and have fun!