Turn Participants into Fans

This is not just “an event” for you. It’s the opportunity to create an experience that gives people what they need (new ideas and fun!) and reinforces the value you provide to members, employees and clients—so they keep coming back.

It’s my job to make this easier for you—while making you look good. This page is the “easier” part: the items most meeting professionals request.

  • Lynne’s Programs – I have four signature programs. These high-content workshops and experiences are perfect for people who want to be more persuasive leaders. All of them can be tailored for your specific needs on topic, budget and program length.
  • Lynne’s Speaker Summary – Here’s a quick look at what I deliver and who I am.
  • Preprogram Planner – Let’s create a program that meets your attendees’ needs. This guide will help.
  • Lynne’s Bio – My ideas on practical neuroscience—which we practice together—mean your people leave the room with new and useful tools to become better communicators and collaborators. For over 20 years, I’ve been involved in the successful growth of small and large businesses in a variety of industries.
  • Photos of Lynne – Download the one that best fits your needs.
  • Introduction – Let’s get your people interested in and involved with what they’re about to learn—even before the program begins! This introduction also means whoever presents me to your people doesn’t have to worry about what to say.
  • A/V Requirements – Here are some simple A/V and room setup ideas that set the stage for a great meeting!

“Lynne was a keynote speaker at our conference. She did a great job of engaging our audience and keeping them engaged during a two-hour presentation. I couldn’t believe how many people participated in her exercises and asked questions during her Q&A time.

“We even had difficulty with some of the A/V on our end, but she handled it like a pro. Lastly, Lynne was a pleasure to work with during the planning stages of our event.”


Meeting Planner, Financial Services Industry

Lynne Franklin

Who Needs This? 

I’m thrilled to have worked with many organizations across nearly every kind of industry. Yours is bound to be in here somewhere:

What’s Next? 

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Get a sample of the types of tools your people will discover, practice and use by watching my TEDx Talk:  “Read Their Bodies to Read Their Minds.”

See other examples of me working with audiences in person and virtually.

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