Create the Culture You Envision

Your mission, vision, values and code of ethics. You probably invested a good amount of time and money in creating these.

Research shows you’re not getting a great return:

  • 61% of employees don’t know their mission statement
  • 57% of employees aren’t motivated by the mission
  • 70% of employees can’t name their organization’s values

This can create up to 15 different communication silos in your organization. Each drains your people, productivity and profit.

Actively Lead and Communicate Your Culture

Ready to move the higher purpose of your organization from the plaque on the wall and into your people? Let’s create a custom approach that makes it meaningful—and inspirational—for employees.

While your situation is unique, our process together will include some of these proven methods:

Create a Benchmark 

Everything I do is custom. That means upfront research to ensure I understand your goals, your people and what they need: 

  • Focus groups, surveys and interviews to determine the disconnects/barriers/silos happening now
  • Review annual financial and operational goals to ensure this program supports these
  • Determine the qualitative and quantitative goals for this program  

Lead the Change

  • Develop and implement an annual culture communication plan to reach those goals, with these elements:
  1. Target audiences and messages
  2. Strategies for reaching each audience and timelines for doing this
  3. Who has the authority and responsibility for each strategy
  • Have monthly virtual and quarterly in-person meetings to hold everyone accountable and keep them on track
  • Update the plan and strategies with feedback provided by leaders and employees

Who Needs This?

  • Presidents, CEOs and business owners who have the desire to lead positive change but don’t have the day-to-day bandwidth to create communications
  • Human resources leaders who have been charged with spearheading this effort but struggle to get buy-in from other executives and teams

What’s Next?

Choosing to lead cultural change is an important decision. Let’s figure out if I’m what you need.

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