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“As producer of TEDxNaperville, I’ve worked with well over 100 speakers, and Lynne by far is in the top 1% in being easy to work with and engaging. I work extensively with 12-15 speakers for each of my events and having someone like Lynne is a treat.

“She made my life easier, is a great collaborator and takes direction well and helped me improve my own skills. She is creative and connects well with our event staff, and more importantly with our event participants. If only every speaker I work with is like Lynne!”


Producer, TEDx Talks

This is my promise. People who come to my programs will laugh, learn and walk away with at least one good idea they can use right away. How does that look? Here are some examples.

On Stage

How to Be a Mind Reader: TEDxNaperville

This 11-minute talk on how to identify the three ways that people think went viral. 

Speak Up and Stand Out

Discover tips on how to keep your audience engaged.

Use Stories to Connect

Explore ways to tell more engaging stories to reach your goals.


Let’s Create a Great Experience for Your People

Want to Connect? Be a Head Case.

Three unusual ideas for effective virtual meetings are revealed in 8 minutes.

Rapport Secrets for Leaders

See highlights from my upcoming book — and calm with technology glitches.

Let's Talk

Let’s Create a Great Experience for Your People

Email, call 847-729-5716, or book some time on my calendar and let’s have some fun together!