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They kill collaboration.

They balloon meeting times.

Or they hide out and contribute nothing.

The result is the same: these menaces suck the meaning and the progress from your meetings.

Let’s Have Fun Changing This!

 Your free mini course includes 6 three-minute videos you receive over three weeks:

  • Each focuses on a different “character” who derails your meetings
  • Lynne shares three proven strategies for each—designed to move the focus from them and back to what you need to accomplish

What You Get

You’ll laugh as you recognize the people in these videos. Then you’ll emerge with specific, easy-to-use strategies to lead shorter and more productive meetings—that people will want to attend because you run them so well!

Lynne Is a Wonderful Addition to My CEO Toolbox

“She helped sharpen my communication skills by forcing me to focus on specific messaging to specific audiences. I highly recommend Lynne to anyone that has a need to improve their personal or corporate ability to engage others.”

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