“Leaders on Rapport “Preliminary Book Cover Layout


Neuroscience research shows the best way to learn is to fail.

Sometimes I hate neuroscience!

Of course we get this. If I make a bad choice, the consequences are enough of a deterrent that I’ll never do that again.

But I’m embarking on something I’ve never done before and am not quite sure how to do. So am sure to mess up plenty of times while I do it. And am a bit nervous.

Choosing a “Big Vision”

Every year I pick one or two words to use as a touchstone. This works better for me than any new year’s resolution that fades before January is over.

This year it’s “big vision.”  I will look for and act on opportunities that challenge me to play big. Yes: jump and the net will appear.

Finding Rapport

I believe that nothing happens until you build rapport with someone. Trust can—and should—take longer. But you have to start by creating a connection.

Rapport is one of those words we bandy about without thinking too much about what it means. Or how to initiate it. Or how to sustain it over time.

Enter “Leaders on Rapport”

One of my big visions in 2020 is to write a second book: Leaders on Rapport: Secrets to Creating Successful Connections.

To get the information to do this, I’m interviewing about 100 leaders from all walks of life. My approach is to ask for 15 minutes of their time, during which they answer one deceptively simple question:

What is your secret to building rapport quickly, and maintaining it over time, with your customers and employees?

Then I get to listen to their ideas and the interesting stories they use to define rapport and how they create it.

After gathering this information, I’ll look for the patterns—as well as the outliers. Then I’ll overlay what I know about neuroscience to make more sense of things.

My deadline is to have this available by the end of 2020.

Will You Help with My Big Vision on Rapport?

You know people who do rapport well: maybe you’re one of them. Would you be willing to connect them to me for that 15-minute interview?

If so, pick the way that feels the most comfortable to you:

  1. Send a note with the person’s name and email address to me at lynne@lynnefranklin.com
  2. Tweak this template then cut and paste an email invitation to that person: https://www.yourwordsmith.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Leaders-on-Rapport-Invitation-Email.docx
  3. Send that person to https://calendly.com/lynne-rapport/leaders-on-rapport-interview to easily schedule an interview on my calendar

Yup: More Neuroscience

We all make promises to ourselves to try something new—and we’re full of crap. We find excuses to do what we’ve always done: “I’m too busy and didn’t get to it” is a favorite.

Yet as soon as we share our intention with someone else, we exponentially increase the chances we’ll get it done.

That’s why I’m doing this with you. There’s no way for me to hide out now!

Thanks for your help with my big vision. I’ll keep you posted on what those leaders are saying and what I’m learning.