I read a staggering statistic. Every crucial conversation you avoid having in your business costs an average of $1,500 per day– per person. 

We don’t have these because we’re not sure how. Here are some tools you can use to save money — and angst all around.

Difficult conversations come in two types: 1) those where you can work with others to improve an outcome, and 2) situations where you can’t make things better because that’s beyond anyone’s control.

Here’s the link to an article that gives you a process to prepare for and have tough talk #1.

Watch this short video for some insights into how to do a better job on tough talk #2. Learn from how I totally messed up when I was a nurses assistant in a nursing home — and what I wish I’d done instead.

Want to learn more about how to have tough talks with your people? Let’s talk — I promise it will be easy!