As part of a business building workshop, called the Achievers Circle,  I decided to shoot a video on the spot.

Yup: I was nervous. The lighting was bad. The audio wasn’t as sharp as it usually is (and neither was I).

Still, I’m sharing it with you in the spirit of one of the lessons we covered: “Done is better than perfect.”

Spend three minutes learning about “choice overload.”

You experience it every day: when the number of options exceeds your brain’s capacity (or desire) to process them.

The truth is that we also foist this on the people we work with. And instead of stimulating their anterior cingulate cortex (involved in cost benefit analyses) and striatum (which assesses value), we just poop out their brains — literally robbing them of the chance to make a good decision.

Watch this to learn the latest research on what appears to be the optimal range of choices to offer anyone.

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