Do Three Things to Serve and Engage Your People Before and During Your Meetings

“Let’s have a meeting!”

Leaders spend a whopping 50% of their time in meetings, with managers following at around 35%. Yet executives believe that 67% of meetings are failures. Here’s an infographic on meetings from the muse with more stats that will frighten you.

The good news is that people are less likely to multitask in virtual meetings (4%) than on phone calls (57%). But that doesn’t mean they aren’t taking brain vacations during your Zoom confab.

Here are three simple things you can do to create virtual meetings that are worth attending.

The conventional wisdom is that everybody hates meetings. The truth is that everybody hates bad meetings.

Here is my checklist of the Top 10 Characteristics of a Bad Meeting.

Use the information in the video and the checklist to go out and sin no more with any kind of meeting!