Let’s call it what it is.

You worked hard to develop an idea or create a proposal. You know your recommendation will address someone’s needs, solve a problem or offer a better solution.

Then you get the “That’s not what I asked for.”

Or the “Can’t you cut your price?”

Or the dreaded “Ho-hum” or no response.

But you’re no quitter.

Now you’re ready to launch into “whatever it takes” back bends to get them to say yes.

How much of this is because they really should take your recommendation — and how much is because you’re afraid to hear “no.” Or even worse: your fear that nothing better will come along — ever?

This just happened to me.

Watch this short video to see if my “Thanks But No Thanks” response would be helpful when you’re faced with a person to whom you should be saying no.

Need some perspective on when to pursue or walk away from an opportunity–with your self respect intact? Let’s talk!