A RAGGs to Riches Christmas Story

Have you ever been afraid to want something because you weren’t sure how to make it happen?

That’s how I felt about getting a Christmas tree this year. I’d almost talked myself out of doing it, using a logical cost/benefit analysis.

What happened next was a “RAGGs to Riches” leadership story:

  • R= Resolve: Decide what you really want/what’s important to create
  • A = Action: Start doing something to move in that direction
  • G = Gifts: Be surprised at the people and resources that start showing up for you
  • G = Gratitude: Acknowledge those people and resources and be grateful you didn’t have to do it all on your own

Here’s what happened.


There are pitfalls all along the way as we lead something we’ve never done before:

It’s so easy to let fear make us feel stuck. This puts us in the mind swirl of not being able to decide. (A cost/benefit analysis on a Christmas tree. Really?) Just ask that simple question of what you want or want to create. Then resolve to make it happen.

Look up “overthink” in the dictionary and you’ll find me. I like to have an idea of what will happen before starting out. But when we don’t know the “how,” we can navel-gaze forever trying to figure it out. Instead just act — even in a small way. Send the energy of movement out there.

Maybe like me, you’ve had trouble asking for help. It’s my grandmother’s stoic Germanic attitude: I have to do everything myself. We forget that others want to help us: that people enjoy being part of something bigger than themselves. Don’t deny yourself — or them — the gift of helping you create something, as they are attracted to you like magic!

Yes, gratitude. We can be so busy rushing around and getting stuff done that we forget to thank others, and even celebrate our own successes. Take that extra time. You’ll discover what a gift it is to everyone!