For years I’ve promised to buy myself the t-shirt that says, “Where Are We Going and Why Am I in this Handbasket?”

Without knowing it, I’ve been experiencing prevalence induced concept change.

You probably have, too.

To keep our heads from exploding, let’s call prevalence induced concept change (PICC) “picky.”

The upshot at work is that we never see how we’re reducing or eliminating issues — even when we are — because our brain keeps finding things to add to the situation.

Watch this two-minute video. It explains what’s going on in your head. And how knowing this still won’t prevent you from being picky!

You’ll also get a simple three-step process you can use to keep your teamwork and progress on track. This will prevent you from 1) feeling crappy because you can’t see how things have improved, and 2) continuing to work on a problem that’s already been solved.

Bonus: Download a one-page handout that outlines this process for easy reference.

Want to know how else your brain and everyone else’s is preventing you from seeing the progress you’re making at work? Let’s talk!