Maybe you’ve seen this graphic. It’s how we receive information when we’re with someone else.

It confirms the idea that if you want to build rapport and create connection, body language is the most effective tool.

We all wander around feeling chronically unseen and unheard. But when someone pays attention to us, we feel nourished and understood. And grateful to and connected with the person who has given us this experience.

That’s exactly what happens when you do a good job of mirroring the body language of the person you’re with.

Watch this 2-minute video on using body language to create rapport and connection.

We’ve all felt ignored by people who never looked at us. Or whose body was facing in another direction rather than toward us in a conversation. Or spoke too quickly — giving us the impression they wanted to be somewhere else.

Here’s what you can do to make the reward centers of other people’s brains light up just by being in your presence and increase the chances they have good feelings about you — faster!

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