Two weeks ago, I talked about the world’s best customer experience, delivered to me by a total stranger.

This week’s story is about the most demeaning customer experience. The irony is that it happened with someone I’d worked closely with for over a year and would have considered a friend. 

This short video is about more than the tale of a lapse of good judgment. We all screw up.

But when we compound this by avoidance on a grand scale, three worse things happen:

  1. The original issue pales in comparison
  2. We make clients feel unseen and unheard — and darn angry
  3. We move ourselves beyond redemption in someone’s mind (and likely feel pretty awful about ourselves for a while — or spend a lot of energy trying to convince ourselves that what we did was right and they deserved it)

It’s true: it’s human nature to at least think about trying to wriggle out of an uncomfortable situation we created — as quickly and with as little blow-back as possible. Before choosing that path, consider the pluses of taking responsibility. Even when it’s tough for you in the near term.

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