Sometimes people say “no” to us out of fear.

They don’t think they can do something, or they’re afraid of making a mistake and looking bad. They have the ability or knowledge to step up — just not the confidence.

I call them “Untapped Talent Terry.” This short video offers more about how they look and what to do with them.

(Did you miss the videos from the other two groups of naysayers? Here are links to Olivia Overwhelmed and Dead Weight Danny.)

A president shared the best Untapped Talent Terry story with me today.

He leads an organization of skilled care nursing homes. The culture supports promoting from within. Employees are offered the chance to enroll in the Executive Director in Training program. After graduating, they can step into the position of leading a skilled care facility.

One woman was encouraged by her supervisor and coworkers to apply. They believed she had more potential than her current position was tapping: in the Maintenance Department. Despite some personal misgivings, she swallowed hard and applied.

Their faith in her paid off. This woman completed the program and is successfully leading a facility now known for its high quality of patient care and employee satisfaction. She also pays it forward by watching for and mentoring others who have more capabilities than they recognize.

What a satisfying way to turn a “no” into a “yes”!