Has this happened to you? 


You’re at a new business meeting. A party. A conference. 


You introduce yourself and strike up a conversation. One minute later, you can’t remember the person’s name.


You HOPE someone who knows this man will walk up and greet him by name. You FEAR someone you know will walk up and expect you to introduce him.

How can you prevent this?


Most often we squeak through these situations. But every time we live in fear of being found out. And some times we are. That’s when we promise we’ll never let it happen again.

Until it does.



This two-minute video explains what’s going on in your brain to cause a memory issue. It also gives you two techniques to prevent this from happening again. 


By practicing these ideas, you’ll also be helping your partner in conversation remember your name, too!


Want to be more memorable and persuasive in any business situation? Let’s talk. I promise to remember your name!