There’s been a big kerfuffle about United Airlines forcibly removing a passenger from a flight to Nashville.

Before we get all superior about this, we need to take a closer look at what caused the incident — and realize we often do the same thing.


How We’re All United — and Not in a Good Way!

As leaders, we’re faced with sticky situations every day.

Here’s where we often fall down:

  • We get focused on what we want and push our way through, rather than seeing if there’s a better way to get there.
  • We see ourselves as people but treat others as if they don’t have feelings.
  • We absolve ourselves of responsibility by following the rules, even if our gut tells us not to.

This week, be mindful when you get the urge to treat people like furniture that you can step around instead of human beings. Then take a deep breath and make a better choice.