It happens to us all. Maybe this is your boss. Or the chairman of the board. Or a client.

You want, need or deserve something you believe the other person probably doesn’t want to give.

Maybe you’ve been putting off this conversation for a while, hoping for things will magically resolve themselves in your favor. (I sure wish that would work at least once.)

Or maybe you’ve started to build a resentment over this — and would love to give the person a piece of your mind. (She needs it — because if she were as smart as you, she’d already done what she should!).

Or maybe you’re afraid that the worst possible outcome will happen if you speak up.


This short video shares some of the counsel a friend and I discussed as she prepared herself to ask for the money she was owed — for work that the client was very satisfied with.

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Do your preparation and walk in ready to see more of what you want.

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