After I shot this video, a prospective client sent me a rejection email on my presentation training proposal.

I called her. She said price was the main issue, and she wasn’t sure what we could cut to fit her budget.

So I told her a story of how I helped someone with a similar fee range and asked if that kind of program would fit her needs.

She said, “Yes.”

This stuff works!

I call it “having a sunflower head moment.” You wanted something good to happen, and when it didn’t, you hang your head like a droopy sunflower. That’s how I felt when the email “no” arrived.

Like you, I’ve learned you take a deep breath and try to create a connection anyway. And a “I know what you’re thinking” story was just the trick.

This video offers a summary. If you want more details, including a process for creating stories, check this out.

Go out and tell more stories to keep you from getting a sunflower head!