Too often we tell stories so people laugh with us. Like us. Commiserate with us. Dislike people we dislike.

Even when you’re above all this, you can still shoot yourself in the foot without even knowing it.

Here’s to raising our awareness of a forgotten storytelling skill.

We can have a solid portfolio of stories, with one for every business occasion. We can craft them. Polish them to a fine sheen. Tell them skillfully.

And still screw up!

This two-minute video talks about the recency effect: we remember the last thing we hear. This means you need to have a powerful closing to your story: tell people why you’re telling them this, or give them a call to action.

Make sure your stories aren’t just a good yarn — remind people of their meaning.

Two Resources for You:

Want to be a better strategic storyteller? Join me on June 21 for a free workshop: Real Talk: Using Stories to Create Connection and Sell Your Services.

Want to pick up more useful storytelling tips now? There’s a section on my site devoted to storytelling ideas. See a list of posts and pick those that speak to you.

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