Get Yourself Out of the Drama Triangle

You may not know the Drama Triangle, but you’ve probably experienced it!

As a leader, you’re likely called in to mediate between employees, teams or departments. Especially when they would rather make others wrong than work together.

These situations suck the life out of everyone involved — including you.

Spend five minutes learning more about why this happens, the juice you may be getting out of being a rescuer, and what you can do to get out of the middle.

By taking this approach, you’ll move people from drama to the Winner Triangle, according to psychologist Acey Choy.

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When we react without thinking, we can end up in the Drama Triangle (“I have to fix this problem.”)

By choosing to work with our people instead, and give them the chance to have empathy for each other, we can create a longer term improvement that doesn’t rely on us.

This is the kind of powerful delegation that benefits everyone.