Maybe you’re like me.

I like to get things right. And, yes, some of it is the ego boost that comes from looking good in front of others. And some of it is avoiding looking like an idiot.

But this sometimes causes me to stumble.

Can you also fall into the trap of wanting to get something so unassailable that you miss an opportunity to improve it?

That’s when we both miss out on the gift of speaking up and then shutting up.

Here’s how that showed up for me this week.


What do we learn when everyone tells us how great we or our ideas are?


But what happens when we’re vulnerable enough to ask for feedback — and actually listen to and apply it? We make more informed decisions. We improve ourselves. And we get the chance to thank others for the contributions they make to our lives. (In this example, it’s Rob Biesenbach, Kevin O’Connor and Allie Pleiter.)

Watch for opportunities this week for the small miracle of trading being right for being better. You’ll enjoy the smiles, gratitude and stronger results this brings into your life.